Overcoming Cabin Fever with Your Dog

Overcoming Cabin Fever with Your Dog

In reality, Spring is just around the corner and it seems that most of us have made it through the worst of what winter has to offer. But, we all know we’re not in the clear yet and we’ve accepted that being stuck in the house is the best option. This has health effects on us humans for sure, but it also influences our pups. Dogs get cabin fever just as easily as we do. So, how do you help your dog overcome it? Read on for some great and simple ways to keep your four legged friend healthy and entertained.

Teach Them a New Trick

So, your dog knows a lot of tricks already? Sit. Stay. Crawl. Not all tricks have to be functional. Try inventing a new fun trick to help your dog stay entertained. The more difficult the trick, the longer it will take your dog to learn it. This type of engagement is great for their mental and physical health. The winter months are perfect for learning tricks because there is typically less distraction. Stumped with coming up with ideas? Google “dog tricks” and we guarantee you’ll find something.

Play Games

Games are the perfect way to get some energy out of your dog. If you do a quick online search for games to play indoors with your dog, the options are endless. Our favorites are here!

Train Your Dog to Pick Up Their Toys

Everyone with a dog can relate to having chew toys strewn throughout the house – it’s just part of being a pet owner. At some point during the day we all go through the house gathering toys, but why not train your dog to pick them up for you! After all, everyone else cleans up after themselves (okay, teenagers excluded) and your pup doesn’t have to be an exception. To train your dog to start doing this, click over to iheartdogs.com for tips and instructions.

In conclusion, the key to keeping your dog from developing cabin fever is to provide mental and physical stimulation for them throughout the day! Spring will be here soon enough!



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