Meet the Designer

Unleashed Life

J. Kent Martin

J. Kent Martin is discriminating and kind of serious minded, for a guy with a wicked sense of humor. As the design director of Bridge Blue, and Unleashed Life, the product development arms of the Taylor Martin design companies, J. lives and breathes design. Don’t get me wrong; it makes for a pretty sweet life.

J.’s extensive experiences as a furniture manufacturing representative, home furnishings executive and product design entrepreneur began with a young interest in furniture and design but have evolved into multiple design oriented companies–each contributing style, services and meaningful design direction to two appreciative industries–home furnishings décor and pet related goods.

J. is a dedicated business partner, employer, generous philanthropist, community participant, industry insider and self made man– living a self-made life.

Evidence of J.’s work can be found on the pages of design magazines almost daily, as well as enhancing private homes. Various well known home furnishings brands are realized through J.’s designs and creative direction.

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