Keeping Paws Healthy in the Cold

Keeping Paws Healthy in the Cold

winter-dogsBrrr. It’s getting rather chilly outside for most of us. We all know that taking your dog outside and allowing them to get plenty of exercise is important to your their health but this can be quite a challenge in the winter. There are specific concerns when it comes to the bitterness of winter, such as the ones listed here, but for this post we are focusing on your pup’s paws.

Perform Regular Paw Checks

It is important to check your dogs paws regularly to ensure that the pads are crack and injury free. To do this, gently but firmly grasp their paw in your hand and visually inspect the pads for injuries or abnormalities. Next, use your thumb to gently press down in the pads with your thumb and make note of any pain or discomfort your pet reacts to. Lastly, don’t forget to check between their toes for any cuts, debris, or discoloration.

Conduct Regular Maintenance 

Just as it is important for us humans to groom and maintain our feet, dogs need this attention as well. Some dogs have patches of hair sprouting between their pads and toes – kind of like the hair growing out of your uncle’s ears…This should be trimmed back in winter months to keep ice and snow from sticking to the paw. This is an effective way to avoid frostbite. And while your at it, pass this advice on to your uncle.

Moisturize Your Dog’s Paws

Keeping your dog’s feet moisturized can help prevent cuts, cracking or peeling of the paws. This is a common occurrence with humans, and dogs are no strangers to it either. Moisturizing creams work wonderfully, but be sure that they are gentle and safe for your pets. Balms made specifically for pets will work best. These can be picked up nearly anywhere!

To Melt Ice, Non-Toxic Ice Melter

At some point you’re going to have to use chemicals or salt for slippery sidewalks and stairs outside your home. We urge you to use non-toxic pet safe ice melter. These work better than rock salt and will not irritate your pets paws or skin. It’s also safe for children and plants. Find some here.


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