Gift Guide for who?

Gift Guide for who?

Let’s be honest, I could wrap up my dirty sock from 4 days ago and give it to my dog for the holidays and he would be EGGSTATIC!!! But I don’t want to smell and look at that old dirty sock from 4 days ago. Nor do I want to peer into my wonderfully curated kitchen design and atop my beautiful porcelain floors see this.


So who’s getting the gift? Well, we both are.  I’m getting style savvy accoutrements for my kitchen, a non-smelly precious pattern for my living room floor, a sweet ode to my fur baby on my wall. My fur baby is getting a yummy bone inside the new bowls, an comfy refreshed place to sleep and a reminder on the wall that he is the best of the best. Win-win!  Let’s shop:

Technically, I don’t know his favorite color, but I do know he likes food so naturally he will love these.

The Easton Collection at Unleashed Life


Night, night sweet baby.


Piazza Dog Bed at Unleashed Life

dogs_bookThese will hold up all of the dog training books I’ve purchased over the years.

Terrier Bookends at Obelisk Home

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