Every Week Is Bring Your Dog To Work Week Here

Every Week Is Bring Your Dog To Work Week Here

If you’ve been to our social media pages (you totally should) , then you can certainly recall that we have at least couple of precious doggie faces and wagging tails running around the office. That’s because a huge part of our day to day life here at Unleashed Life involves our beloved pups by our sides. Our reasoning is simple – our dogs bring out the best in us.

When our owners and founders bought a dilapidated downtown building many years ago, they had a grand vision of turning it into one of Springfield’s finest destinations, not only for us human folk, but for those of the canine persuasion.

From the very beginning it was clear that dogs would be part of the business – sometimes we’re convinced that they think they run the place – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our building is now a downtown destination that people come from all over to see. One surprise that visitors always comment on is how we’ve included our dogs into the design of the building. Creating a thoughtful space for employees to bring their dogs to work was a priority. This is showcased by our wide halls, doggie lounging areas, and secure outdoor activity spots that include a rooftop deck and dog run.

The culture of our company wouldn’t be the same without the wagging tails and puppy dog eyes staring up at us as we sit at our desks. Indeed, the love we feel from our pets has inspired each of us to work harder and work with patience and kindness.

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