Doggy Raincoats for Spring

Doggy Raincoats for Spring

It’s finally spring, though many of us still feel like winter just won’t go away. It has been rainy and dreary outside of our office for most of the week, and this week is looking no different. Of course, that’s what spring is all about…rain. As dog lovers and owners, we’re all too familiar with the pains of walking a dog in the rain. Your pup doesn’t like it any more than you do. The next time you wake up to a spring shower, don’t just put on your raincoat, get Fido dressed for the weather too.

Dog raincoats may just sound like a novelty, but veterinarians actually recommend raincoats for smaller breeds of dogs and those with little or no fur. The raincoat not only keeps them from getting wet, but also keeps them warm. Nobody likes being caught outside in the cold rain, not even dogs. When a dog is wet and cold
their immune system may be stressed and they may be more vulnerable to respiratory infections and other illnesses. Raincoats are especially important for dogs who reside in a region that sees a lot of rainfall, like Seattle.


Checkout our selection of raincoats to keep your dog looking great, but most importantly: feeling great.

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