Treat Canisters

  • porcelain dog bowls

    Berlin Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    Encourage your pet to give the impression of rough and tough with the studded nickel plated porcelain Berlin Collection. These dog bowls makes a dramatic statement while complimenting any décor from industrial to stark contemporary.


    Starting at $20.00
  • Bone Appetit Collection

    4.80 out of 5

    The Bone Appetit collection is made of porcelain and features a pure white finish. These dog bowls and treat canister have been branded with a cute pierced dog bone. With simplicity and charm, your dog will genuinely love it!

    Starting at $32.00

Treat Canisters Dog Bowls have several other benefits for dogs suffering from certain medical conditions. Older, arthritic dogs experience less pain when eating from a feeder that allows them to stand in a comfortable upright position. Dogs suffering from Megaesophagus or other conditions that make swallowing difficult are also great candidates for elevated feeders. The raised bowls position your dog’s head above their stomach, allowing food to pass naturally through the esophagus using gravity as an aid.

Treat Canisters Dog Bowls can even provide a great benefit to owners of dogs with food aggression issues. A bowl on the floor allows a food aggressive dog to place their forelimbs on either side of the bowl and stand over it. A stance that can increase aggression through possessive behavior. Raised feeders force the dog to stand with their body at a pushed back angle, reducing possessive food aggression.

If your dog is a giant breed- Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, Burmese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard, or a barrel chested breed like a German Shepherd, Greyhound or Boxer, it may be in her best interest to eat from a traditional bowl placed on the floor. You should always consult your veterinarian about what steps you can take to avoid bloat if you own any of the above breeds. Remember that any breed of dog can develop bloat if they bolt a large amount of food.

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