Why Is Your Dog Moving Their Food Away From Their Bowl?

Why Is Your Dog Moving Their Food Away From Their Bowl?

Does your dog take a mouthful of food and take it to another place to eat away from the bowl? Maybe you have a dog that also doesn’t like to eat in front of you? This is a common thing dogs do, but often leaves us scratching our heads. Why do they do this?

We did some research and experts agree that pack mentality is the main reason why some dogs exhibit this behavior. This is part of your dog’s instinct that remains from their natural pack mentality. Depending on the breed and training of your pup, this instinct may be stronger. Before dogs were domesticated they really had to fight for their food. They hunted in groups and feeding time could become quite the frenzy, think of a pack of wolves hunting their prey. Your dog is saying, “This is mine. Don’t take it” when he moves that food away.

In households that have more than one dog, or any pet, this behavior is more common. If the behavior bothers you, one solution to try is to feed your pets at different intervals. This may help them feel less protective over their food as they won’t feel threatened that another animal will try to steal their meal.

Research shows that pack mentality is the most common reason dogs move their food from their bowls, but there may be other reasons. Is your dog moving their food to be closer to you? This could simply mean that your dog is lonely and wants to be near you when they eat. Dogs long for companionship and this may just be a way of showing they like to be near you.

Does your dog do this when they eat? Hopefully this little bit of insight will help you understand the reason better.



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