Different Strokes for Different Dog Folk

Different Strokes for Different Dog Folk

It’s true, they like different things.  Just ask.

Meet Huckleberry, one of our office dogs here at Unleashed Life . He’s handsome, witty and has an elevated style sense that could only be genetic. Truly breed in him, like chasing a squirrel into the neighbor’s yard, but totally forgetting about the fence and, well, you know the rest.


Huck has a modern sensibility and appreciates a dining experience that has both good food and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere (good bowls).

austin designer dog bowl

He is smitten with the Austin Strap Dining Table. The Austin Strap is elevated which makes eating easier and less hard on a big dogs neck. It is also not lacking in the style category. Straightforward, yet stylish- the Austin Strap dining table brings architectural lines to life. The hand-crafted aluminum feeder, in a polished nickel finish, is studded out with rivet detailing.

So the next time you throw down a dish for your pet, don’t you forget; Style…Not Reserved For Humans.

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