How To Choose the Perfect Dog Trainer

How To Choose the Perfect Dog Trainer

unleashed-lifeSo you have a furry family member or perhaps it’s time for a long overdue training session for a pup you already have…the very first thing you need to do when considering hiring a dog trainer is to decide what your goals are. It might also help you in the decision making process to sit in on a training class to watch their style and how they interact with their “students”.

A good trainer needs good communication skills, not only with the animals but with humans as well.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

-They should practice humane and positive training techniques.
-Use positive reinforcement and rewards
-Avoid using fear or physical punishment
-Understand the theory of dominance
-A good trainer will have questions for you about your dog to get an overview of who your dog is, and to understand the things that are concerning you before the actual training begins.
-A good trainer will have references they can provide you with.
-They will want you to be involved in the training, to learn the techniques, to watch you interact with your dog, and to develop that bond between “parent” and pup. Family friendly classes are always great to be involved in.
-Check your potential trainer’s credentials. Certified trainers have had to meet certain guidelines and requirements.
No matter who you choose as a dog trainer, the important thing to consider is that you’re comfortable with them and their training methods.

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