Feeding Tips For Your Dog

We all know that mealtime is one of our dog's favorite part of the day, and lets be honest, it's one our favorite parts of the day too. But feeding your pup isn't always the smoothest process and not all dogs are created equally when it comes to their love for food. Some may take it too serious and be on guard, while others may ignore their food. These following tips can help guide you during mealtime, regardless of [...]

6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About a Dog’s Sense of Smell

Dog noses aren't just cute, but they are also a very powerful organ. Yes, we all know that a dog's sense of smell is more powerful than our own, but here are 6 bits of information from the experts that will put their sniffing power into perspective...and possibly make more interesting conversation at your next dinner party. A dog’s nose has two functions—one for smell and one for respiration. According to researchers, a canine’s nose has the ability to separate [...]

8 Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Dogs love summer just as much as we do, or at least until mid July when we have officially tired of the heat! For the most part, it's the best time to be out enjoying our environment and activities that go along with summer. If you plan to let your dog be part of these activities, always keep in mind that warm weather can be dangerous. Because dogs don't sweat quite the same way we do, it is much easier [...]

Why Is Your Dog Moving Their Food Away From Their Bowl?

Does your dog take a mouthful of food and take it to another place to eat away from the bowl? Maybe you have a dog that also doesn't like to eat in front of you? This is a common thing dogs do, but often leaves us scratching our heads. Why do they do this? We did some research and experts agree that pack mentality is the main reason why some dogs exhibit this behavior. This is part of your dog's [...]

Backyard Safety Checklist

The warm weather is finally among us, and the great outdoors is calling. Your pup is probably just as excited to enjoy the weather outside as you are. This part of the year is the perfect time to make sure your yard is just as ready as your dog is. We've gathered tips and advice to create a backyard safety list to help you keep your dog safe and sound, check it out!   A Backyard Safety Checklist Before you let your [...]

How to Choose the Right Dog Food

Our designer dog bowls add style and finesse to your life, but what you put inside them is even more important. Today's dog food market is over saturated with options and in a perfect world all dog food would be created equal, but it's not. Instead dog owners are overwhelmed with options that all claim to be the best. It's important to your dog's health that you pay attention to what you're buying and feeding them. Here are some [...]

Doggy Raincoats for Spring

It's finally spring, though many of us still feel like winter just won't go away. It has been rainy and dreary outside of our office for most of the week, and this week is looking no different. Of course, that's what spring is all about...rain. As dog lovers and owners, we're all too familiar with the pains of walking a dog in the rain. Your pup doesn't like it any more than you do. The next time you wake [...]

6 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Owning a dog is very rewarding, but also a huge responsibility. Being sure that you're a responsible dog owner will keep your dog happy and healthy, plus make things smoother for you! Doing these 6 things will keep ensure that you're doing the right thing with your pup! 1. PET PROOF YOUR HOME Many items that are used to baby proof your home can be used for pet proofing as well. Safety locks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, power outlet covers, [...]

Problem: Where To Place Your Pet’s Bowls?

Those of us with pets around the home all have one single issue - where on earth to put the dog bowls? The obvious answer is the floor, we all know this, but figuring out where to put them so that they are out of the way of being kicked over and stylish enough to not be an eyesore gets tricky. Luckily, Unleashed Life bowls are perfect for adding style to your pups feeding routine, after all "style isn't just [...]

Expert Dog Feeding Tips

Mealtime is the highlight of the day for most dogs. Here at the office, our pups eat at the same time every day, and they start reminding you about 10 minutes before! But no all dogs like mealtime, and getting a pup to eat on a regular schedule can prove to be tricky, especially for smaller breeds. No matter how your dog feels about mealtime, read on to learn how to make the best part of their day even [...]

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