Elevated Feeders

Introducing the Ansel Collection

We're excited to introduce a new collection to our designer dog bowl lineup! Meet Ansel, modeled after the success of our Wooster collection. Tailored, modern and and versatile, the Ansel collection definitely gets noticed. This cast concrete dog feeder has a matte finish and can be used either inside or out - making it perfect for adding a bit of style inside and outside your home. SHOP ANSEL HERE

Bowl Spotlight: High-Rise Nickel

The High-Rise Nickel collection is one of our elevated bowls with a contemporary look. Though their shiny finish lend themselves to a more modern aesthetic, these designer dog bowls work well in any style of environment. It's just as easy to imagine them blending into a sleek, modern home as it is to see them artfully juxtaposed in a highly traditional setting. Beyond stylish looks, the elevated architecture of the bowl can have many benefits for your dog. Veterinarians recommend elevated [...]

New Year New Bowl

Welcome to 2017! New years are always exciting because they symbolize a new start - a chance for exciting changes. Here at Unleashed Life we had an amazing 2016, but we're so excited about what this year has in store for us. What are you looking forward to in 2017? A new dog bowl perhaps? High-Rise White / Phorm / Bruno / High-Rise Nickel / Baroque / Finley / Adour A new year calls for a new dog bowl, and why [...]

Elevated Feeder Benefits

Veterinarians used to recommend elevated feeders for giant breed and barrel chested dogs to help prevent deadly bloat.  Bloat occurs when a dog eats a large amount of food at a rapid rate causing the stomach to flip and become contorted.  In recent years, studies have found that using elevated feeders in breeds who are already predisposed to bloat can actually increase their risk of developing this deadly condition.  Raised feeders do still have several benefits for dogs, but [...]

Why Choose an Elevated Dog Bowl?

One question that we get asked a lot is: Why elevated dog bowls? Are there actual benefits for pets to use them? Drumroll please... There are actually a ton of benefits for dogs to eat out of elevated dog bowls! The Health Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls Imagine eating your dinner bending your head down and leaning over. No thank you. Elevated dog bowls help with the digestion of food.  When the bowl is elevated to the correct size, it helps [...]

Three Is Never A Crowd

How fantastic is this table? A large rustic dining table is always a precursor to a hearty meal. The Tripoli Table does not disappoint with its three-bowl benefit, allotting for more dogs and more food. Made of weathered iron, three is never a crowd.  Available in three sizes! Find it here: http://www.unleashedlife.com/shop/designer-raised-dog-bowls/

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