Introducing the Ansel Collection

We're excited to introduce a new collection to our designer dog bowl lineup! Meet Ansel, modeled after the success of our Wooster collection. Tailored, modern and and versatile, the Ansel collection definitely gets noticed. This cast concrete dog feeder has a matte finish and can be used either inside or out - making it perfect for adding a bit of style inside and outside your home. SHOP ANSEL HERE

Bowl Spotlight: High-Rise Nickel

The High-Rise Nickel collection is one of our elevated bowls with a contemporary look. Though their shiny finish lend themselves to a more modern aesthetic, these designer dog bowls work well in any style of environment. It's just as easy to imagine them blending into a sleek, modern home as it is to see them artfully juxtaposed in a highly traditional setting. Beyond stylish looks, the elevated architecture of the bowl can have many benefits for your dog. Veterinarians recommend elevated [...]

Classic Glam Meets Modern Art in Hawthorne Bowl

When it comes to the inspiration for the design of our dog bowls, a specific aesthetic and environment is what shapes the outcome. The Hawthorne collection is inspired by the classic glamour of old Hollywood and the excitement of modern art. The Hawthorne collection features a jaw dropping metallic gold finish that makes this bowl a conversation piece as well as a functional feeder for the most discerning pooches. Isn't it time you ditched the dingy plastic bowl and upgraded to [...]

New Year New Bowl

Welcome to 2017! New years are always exciting because they symbolize a new start - a chance for exciting changes. Here at Unleashed Life we had an amazing 2016, but we're so excited about what this year has in store for us. What are you looking forward to in 2017? A new dog bowl perhaps? High-Rise White / Phorm / Bruno / High-Rise Nickel / Baroque / Finley / Adour A new year calls for a new dog bowl, and why [...]

This Isn’t Your Mother’s Mid-Century Modern

It could be your aunt’s though, she was way cooler. Mid-century modern is the buzz word of our era when it comes to design. Why? We, here at Unleashed Life, think that it’s a pretty relatable design trend and for furniture, comes with little in the way of cultural baggage. Mid-Mod blends seamlessly into most interior spaces weather it’s traditional or country, minimal or glam. Gone are the days of the furniture suite. Hallelujah!   For instance, we will take a clearly Mid-century [...]

Different Strokes for Different Dog Folk

It’s true, they like different things.  Just ask. Meet Huckleberry, one of our office dogs here at Unleashed Life . He’s handsome, witty and has an elevated style sense that could only be genetic. Truly breed in him, like chasing a squirrel into the neighbor’s yard, but totally forgetting about the fence and, well, you know the rest. Huck has a modern sensibility and appreciates a dining experience that has both good food and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere (good bowls). He is [...]

Gift Guide for who?

Let’s be honest, I could wrap up my dirty sock from 4 days ago and give it to my dog for the holidays and he would be EGGSTATIC!!! But I don’t want to smell and look at that old dirty sock from 4 days ago. Nor do I want to peer into my wonderfully curated kitchen design and atop my beautiful porcelain floors see this.   So who’s getting the gift? Well, we both are.  I’m getting style savvy accoutrements for [...]

Briggs Collection

Made from reclaimed steel drums, the Briggs dish gives a nod to industrial design while being environmentally friendly. Each piece is truly unique in color and texture and finished to maintain that beauty for years of dining enjoyment. Find our Briggs Collection here.

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