Bowl Spotlight: High-Rise Nickel

Bowl Spotlight: High-Rise Nickel


The High-Rise Nickel collection is one of our elevated bowls with a contemporary look. Though their shiny finish lend themselves to a more modern aesthetic, these designer dog bowls work well in any style of environment. It’s just as easy to imagine them blending into a sleek, modern home as it is to see them artfully juxtaposed in a highly traditional setting.

Beyond stylish looks, the elevated architecture of the bowl can have many benefits for your dog. Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders for some dogs because they offer a number of advantages: hygiene and cleanliness, comfort for dogs with arthritis or neck or back problems, and benefits for dogs with conditions that make swallowing difficult. Finally, elevated feeders have an extra bonus. We have had pet owners tell us that they appreciate not having to bend over as far to pick up or fill up water and food dishes. Of course, some breeds of dogs and those susceptible to bloat may benefit more from a low bowl. Always consult your veterinarian with any concerns.

Check out the High-Rise Nickel Collection here, and see our other stylish elevated feeders here.

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