Backyard Safety Checklist

Backyard Safety Checklist

The warm weather is finally among us, and the great outdoors is calling. Your pup is probably just as excited to enjoy the weather outside as you are. This part of the year is the perfect time to make sure your yard is just as ready as your dog is. We’ve gathered tips and advice to create a backyard safety list to help you keep your dog safe and sound, check it out!


A Backyard Safety Checklist

Before you let your dog loose in your fenced-in yard, it’s important to consider any potential hazards. Check for these common threats:


The experts at Ceasar’s Way stress the importance of a secure fence. A complete fence will protect your dog from others and its innate desire to wander off. Ensure your perimeter is secure and free from gaps and holes in fencing and walls. Check for lose slats in wooden fences, and ensure the latches on your gate work properly. Take the extra step to fasten it with a lock.


Take the time to ensure that all chemicals are safely stored and out of reach of your dog. This includes fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, paint and paint thinner, antifreeze, and any other potentially hazardous chemicals. If you wouldn’t ingest it yourself, it should be kept well out of your puppy’s reach. Keep your veterinarian’s number readily available in case of poisoning.


Some of gardeners’ most beloved flowers and bushes, including tulip and daffodil bulbs, are harmful when ingested by dogs. Doing a little research on the plants in your yard will help keep your dog from eating a plant that may be harmful.

Pools/hot tubs

Most dogs love to swim, but sometimes the high walls of these swimming pools are too high for them to climb out safely. Always make sure to cover or fence in your pool.

Following this simple checklist will allow you to keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind while they are out romping around in the grass.


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