About Us

Unleashed Life

At Unleashed Life we believe style should not be reserved for humans.

As pet owners, pet parents, foster pet people and all around animal advocates we feel that all that the unconditional love we receive from our pets should not go unrewarded. That’s why our entire assortment of Unleashed Life products are designed to not only pamper your pet companion, but also enhance the living space you share.

Chic designer bowls and elevated feeders are particular favorites for both dogs and cats; and are available at fine retailers, specialty pet boutiques, and here in our hometown, at Obelisk Home.

Please look for new Unleashed Life product additions on unleashedlife.com, as we continually introduce fashionable and functional products that enhance our pet’s lives as well as our own.

Together let’s celebrate the special relationship we have with our pets…. with style, not reserved for humans.

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