6 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

6 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Owning a dog is very rewarding, but also a huge responsibility. Being sure that you’re a responsible dog owner will keep your dog happy and healthy, plus make things smoother for you! Doing these 6 things will keep ensure that you’re doing the right thing with your pup!


Many items that are used to baby proof your home can be used for pet proofing as well. Safety locks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, power outlet covers, and a containment system for your electrical cords can keep many household hazards out of your dogs reach.

You should also keep anything that’s valuable or dangerous to your dog out of reach. Dogs have been known to eat everything from designer shoes and handbags to cleaning products. You can keep these things out of reach by putting them up high, using dog-proof containers, keeping doors closed, or using a baby gate.


Dogs love to roam, despite our best efforts to keep tabs on them. In the event that you lose your dog, an I.D. tag may be your only method of finding them. This also helps to bring them home quickly as those who find your adventurer will be able to contact you quickly and easily. We also reccomend looking into getting your dog chipped.


Basic obedience training is a must for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. Unwanted behaviors like jumping and chasing cars or animals can be easily avoided or remedied with basic obedience training.

These are issues of safety for your dog and those around them. Basic manners also make them much more pleasant to be around. You can take them more places, and you don’t have to worry about locking them away when you have visitors when they are properly trained.


Just like people, dogs require exercise for optimal mental and physical health. The amount of exercise your dog needs will depend on their breed, age, and level of physical fitness.

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise will find a way to work off that excess energy, usually in an undesirable way. They may become aggressive, bark frequently, or destroy things around the house. There’s also an increased risk of health conditions, including obesity, heart disease, and arthritis.

Walking is a great exercise for you and your dog. Playing fetch is another way for them to get some physical activity. Don’t forget to exercise their mind as well. Consider getting a food puzzle for times when they are on their own for a significant period of time.


Regular check ups can help keep your dog healthy. Vet check ups ensure that your dog is up to date on vaccines and other preventative medications. It’s also the best way to detect a disease in the early stages before it has a significant impact on your pet’s health. It’s recommended that your dog sees the vet at least once each year.


Socialization is an often overlooked component to a happy and healthy pet. Socialized dogs are better able to deal with new circumstances, and vet and grooming appointments are much smoother. Properly socialized dogs get along well with other people, other animals, and new situations.

You can socialize your dog with socialization classes or puppy play dates. Exposing them to the world and new people is also essential. The earlier you socialize them in a controlled environment the less likely for them to develop behavioral problems as they grow up.

Being a responsible pet owner allows you and your pet to get hit most out of life. You can avoid many common problems and hazards by being responsible and taking proper care of your dog.

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