Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Who doesn’t love some puppy kisses every now and then? Other times, your dog licking you can be annoying and a bad habit for them. But have you ever stopped to think about why your dog enjoys licking you so much? We’ve done the research for you and the reasons might surprise you!

Showing Affection

The first reason your dog licks you is the obvious one – because they love you! Licking for affection causes your dog to release pleasurable endorphins that calm and comfort them, but sometimes it can just get to be too much for people. If you want your dog to stop, ignore them and walk into another room whenever it begins. Eventually they will learn that licking causes you to leave, which isn’t what they want. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt their feelings!

Trying to Tell You Something

The Second reason is communication. Dogs lick other dogs to tell them all sorts of things: everything from “I’m hungry” to “I submit to you” to “Let’s be friends.” They do this with people as well, but we’re typically not as good at interpreting the message. If your dog is licking you with intensity, take a look around and see if something is amiss. Maybe the water bowl is empty or they need to go outside.

Cleaning Themselves

A third reason your dog may lick you and themselves is to keep up hygiene. We all know dogs often lick to clean themselves, just like cats. Pay close attention, though, because excessive anal cleaning can indicate that the glands need to be expressed.

To Heal

Did you know that dog saliva contains enzymes that kill bacteria? Neither did we! If your pup licks himself it could be to rid of dead tissue or to clean dirt from wounds. Be careful though, some dogs can’t help themselves and may lick so much that wounds actually reopen or cause serious irritation. It’s basically the equivalent to us not being able to stop scratching mosquito bites.

Nervousness, Compulsion, or Anxiety

Excessive licking can be noticed when you see your dog compulsively licking the same area over and over. This may be a time to seek medical help from a vet. Normally licking is a healthy stress reliever, but there are small chances that something deeper may be going on. It’s always better to play it safe when it comes to your pets health.

They Like Our Taste

The last reason your dog licks you is simple – they like the way you taste. Your skin contains smells and tastes caused my pheromones that are unique to you. The taste of your skin comforts your dog. They may also be enjoying the saltiness of our skin.




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