What to Look for in a Groomer

What to Look for in a Groomer

Lets face it, most dogs aren’t a big fan of bath time. Wrestling Spot into the tub is stressful and some parts of grooming are best left to the professionals. That’s why most of us consider taking our loved pets to a groomer. But finding the right one isn’t always as simple as it should be. Here are some of our tips for finding a groomer that you and your dog will love.

-Groomers don’t have to be licensed. Technically anyone with a pair of scissors can say they are a dog groomer. You need to look for a groomer with good references. If you’re unsure about where to start, ask a friend where they get their dog groomed. Or, if you see a dog with a great clean look walking with their owner, engage with them. Pet owners love to share information like that. Good credentials and pleased customers are key.

-When you get to the shop, check to ensure that it is clean. First impressions are everything. Ask for a tour of the facility. There should be no spaces they refuse to show you. If they turn down giving you a tour, that’s a big red flag. This usually means that they are hiding something.

-Ask questions. Even if your dog is well behaved and doesn’t stress about going to the groomer, ask them how they handle fearful or aggressive dogs. Their response should be a genuine and heartfelt. Something like “We understand it’s uncomfortable for some dogs. If we only get 5 nails clipped, we only get 5 nails clipped. We don’t use force the dog into anything that clearly frightens them.” Also, make sure that the groomer doesn’t sedate the animals. More commonly than you think, groomers will give your dog sedatives to make them easy to handle. This can be dangerous and illegal.

-Make sure your dog likes the groomer. Does your dog seem happy when you pick them up or are they anxious / stressed? A good sign that your dog was treated right is how happy they are around the groomer. Of course, some dogs just don’t like being groomed and will never like the groomer. Trust your instincts. 


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