Unleashed Life Charitable Giving Program

Unleashed Life

Unleashed Life’s Charitable Giving Program provides product donations to not-for-profit organizations and events that support the welfare, care and rescue of animals.  We also consider donations to organizations and events that support equal rights, safe housing and disadvantaged care.   In the spirit of fairness, we do not contribute to organizations with political or religious affiliations.  We also are unable to donate to breed-specific organizations.

Approved donation requests will receive Unleashed Life product (no cash or cash equivalent).

To submit a request, please complete the Charitable Giving Request Form at least two months prior to your event or donation deadline. Please fax the completed request form to 417.869.9091 or email to info@unleashedlife.com.

We will respond to you within seven business days.

Thank you for your interest in Unleashed Life.

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