Tips for Taking Photos of Your Dog

Tips for Taking Photos of Your Dog

Everybody knows that taking pics of your dog can get tricky. They never want to look at the camera and move around so much that pictures often look like a blurred blob of fur. All we want to do is capture their adorable little faces! Here at Unleashed Life we are no stranger to this! We photograph our pups on almost a weekly basis, and we’ve learned a few things. This post is all about our tips on getting the perfect picture of your precious dog. Read on for more!


You don’t need a fancy DSLR to capture a great image (it certainly doesn’t hurt though). We recommend a digital camera that you can manually adjust settings on, but your phone will also get the job done! We firmly believe that it’s all about the person holding the camera and not the camera that makes a great photo.


Get your dog used to the camera! Let them sniff the camera and get comfortable. The clicking of a camera can be startling to dogs at first, practice taking a lot of photos with them. They will soon realize that the camera doesn’t mean any harm!


If you’re wanting to get action shots of your pup,  play with your dog beforehand and get them excited! If you’re wanting them to sit still, take the photos after their walk. Most dogs are much more relaxed after coming in from outside.

Take Lots of Pictures

This is a general rule of photography regardless of the subject. If you take lots of photos you increase your likelihood of getting some great images! We always have a ton of throw away images, but it’s worth it to get that one perfect shot.

Turn off the Flash

We recommend amateur photographers turn off their flash. We always try to use natural lighting for our photos for many reasons, which we will discuss in the next tip. Dogs generally do not like bright flashing lights, and the intensity of a flash will ruin a good shot if not properly light.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is so much easier to shoot with. To avoid washed-out pictures, shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day. Midday is typically the least favorable time to take photos using natural light. This is because the sun is directly above you and creates intense shadows.

Get On Their Level

Lying on your stomach to take pictures will put your dog more in focus. It will also make your pictures look different than everyone else’s – most people stand over their dog. This is a time to get creative and have fun! If you’re enjoying yourself, your pup will be too!






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