Problem: Where To Place Your Pet’s Bowls?

Problem: Where To Place Your Pet’s Bowls?

Those of us with pets around the home all have one single issue – where on earth to put the dog bowls? The obvious answer is the floor, we all know this, but figuring out where to put them so that they are out of the way of being kicked over and stylish enough to not be an eyesore gets tricky.

Luckily, Unleashed Life bowls are perfect for adding style to your pups feeding routine, after all “style isn’t just reserved for humans”. Picking the perfect bowls to compliment your home’s decor is easy with our selection of designs. But after you have your gorgeous bowls, where do you put them?

Before figuring that out, you have to decide what’s best for them. Dogs come in a lot of sizes, and the figuring out the right height your bowl should be is important. Food needs to be close to you dog’s snout without excessive bending, which can cause digestion problems. Most larger breed dogs benefit from our elevated bowls. We do recommend getting your veterinarians advice when choosing a bowl. Below is a general guideline for figuring out the best height for your furry friend’s dog bowls.

Now that you have your gorgeous bowls, where are you going to put them? The key here is accessibility without being in the way. The kitchen and mudroom are the most common places for dog bowls, but any place in the home with hard flooring such as wood or tile is best. This makes spills and cleanup a breeze. A spot out of the way of foot traffic is also important – we’ve all kicked our pup’s bowls across the room by accident.

In the kitchen, a spot against the wall works best. This also allows your dog to have adequate room to stand in front of their bowls to eat and drink. The end of an island is also a great location. We’ve also seen homeowners who work the placement of their dog bowls into the design of their kitchens or mudrooms. 

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