• Stainless Steel Dog BowlsStainless Steel Dog Bowls

    Stainless Steel Bowl Collection

    0 out of 5

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    It’s great to have a couple of extra stainless steel dog liners on hand when there is a set in the dishwasher. Make sure to keep your pups liners clean for health’s sake! These stainless steel dog bowls are also great by themselves.

    Starting at $6.00
  • High-Rise White Collection

    4.92 out of 5

    Simple yet practical and with a twist of contemporary, the High-Rise Elevated Pet Feeders in classic high-gloss white are a beautiful dining accent for any pet. Handmade from porcelain, they are sure to last for years and years.

    Starting at $40.00
  • modern dog bowl

    Phorm Collection

    4.91 out of 5

    Mid-Century Modern in design, the Phorm dishes are groovy and functional. Finished in three hip colors as shown, these cast resin classic dog bowls add simple style to your pet’s dining experience as well as your home. These modern dog bowls set the bar for what pet dining should be.

    Starting at $32.00
  • Phuket Collection

    4.86 out of 5

    Bite your tongue my friend. The Phuket [poo-ket] Elevated Dog Feeder is named for the coastal paradise of Thailand as these feeders resemble the ancient temple boxes of the region. The small size is featured in a distressed green finish, the medium is in the distressed red and the large in the distressed black finish. Color per size, as shown only.

    Starting at $36.00
  • Baroque White Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    The Baroque in White gives our classic style Baroque a touch of modern.  It’s adorned with acanthus leaves and rope detailing and finished in a glossy white lacquer.

  • Belmont Collection

    4.88 out of 5

    Classic and sophisticated, the Belmont Elevated Dog Feeder takes your pet’s dining style to the next level. The cast resin dog feeder features fluted edges and pedestal base in a finely aged bronze finish.

    Starting at $32.00
  • Adour in Aged Gold Collection

    4.67 out of 5

    While we love this style of bowl in aged stone, we are obsessed with it in aged gold. The Adour in Aged Gold recalls the glamour of another era and its well executed distressing adds texture, depth and drama.

    Starting at $36.00
  • High-Rise Nickel Collection

    4.85 out of 5

    The High-Rise Nickel collection of elevated dog bowls are design in its purest form. This contemporary collection of raised modern dog bowls features a shiny nickel finish. The High-Rise Nickel feeders provide a stylish accent to your home and your pet’s dining experience.


    Starting at $40.00
  • Adour Collection

    4.91 out of 5

    Statuary finds function in the stylish Adour modern elevated dog bowls. The feeder is made of cast resin and is embellished with scroll work detail in a designer aged stone finish.


    Starting at $32.00
  • Finley Collection

    4.00 out of 5

    Never has a dog bowl made such an elegant statement in a room. These hand cast and polished aluminum chalice feeders are sure to provide years of regal dining to your most beloved four legged family member.

    Starting at $56.00
  • Designer elevated Dog bowls

    Baroque Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    For the pet lover with traditional style, these high style designer elevated dog bowls are adorned with acanthus leaves and rope detailing. Finished in an old world oxidized copper look and made of resin.

    Starting at $40.00
  • Briar Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    The Briar collection is inspired by the clean silhouettes of the ’50s and ’60s. Made of solid acacia wood, the sturdy feeders make a minimal footprint with maximum style.

    Starting at $72.00
  • Tripoli Collection

    4.89 out of 5

    The Tripoli Collection large rustic dining table is always a precursor to a hearty meal. The Tripoli feeder does not disappoint with its three bowl benefit, allotting for more dogs and more food. Made of weathered iron, three is never a crowd.

    Starting at $80.00
  • Wooster Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    Tailored, modern and devilishly handsome, much like its namesake, the Wooster collection gets noticed. This cast concrete dog feeder has a matte finish and can be used either inside or out. All fashion icons know that versatility is a must.

    Starting at $44.00
  • Austin Strap Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    Straightforward, yet stylish- the Austin Strap dining table brings architectural lines to life. The hand-crafted aluminum feeder, in a polished nickel finish, draws attention to dinner time unlike any other dining table.



    Starting at $120.00
  • Stockholm Collection

    0 out of 5

    This elevated bowl has a simplistic, yet artful, approach reveals itself in The Stockholm Collection. Through simple straight metal lines and a polished white inset top, a zen-like state is imminent for your pup.

    Starting at $76.00
  • Oslo Collection

    5.00 out of 5

    The Oslo Collection takes its notes from the world of time-tested Scandinavian design. While it is clean, clever, and contemporary, there is a refinement that brings it back to graceful. This hand painted, white double feeder is anything but average.

    Starting at $80.00
  • Mercer Collection, Nickel

    0 out of 5

    The Mercer table is a study in simplicity with its cool texture of granite and minimalist sculptural form. The natural stone top rests on a seamless metal frame in an artful pairing of contrasts.

    Starting at $172.00
  • Downing Collection

    0 out of 5

    The Downing table has a tubular metal base that supports a black granite top which shows off its distinctive geometric form. This post-modern feeder delivers a mealtime paradox.

    Starting at $160.00
  • Mercer Collection, Antique Brass

    0 out of 5

    The Mercer table is a study in simplicity with its cool texture of granite and minimalist sculptural form. The natural stone top rests on a seamless metal frame in an artful pairing of contrasts.

    Starting at $172.00

Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated Dog Bowls or Raised feeders have several benefits for dogs, but it is important to determine if this type of bowl is right for you and your pet.

It is normal in the wild for wolves to “bolt” their food. They gulp food quickly, often without chewing, because they never know when another predator will come along and steal their kill. However, the dog breeds of today are a far cry from wolves. And eating too quickly is a major cause of bloat. Elevated feeders actually allow dogs to eat even faster than they would if they had to bend over their bowls to eat. If your dog tends to bolt her food, using one of the several bowls on the market with built in nubs and crevices is a better solution. Other owners of “chow hounds” choose to spread the kibble across the floor, forcing the dog to seek out each piece.

Modern feeders

Elevated dog bowls

Elevated Dog Bowls and Modern feeders have several other benefits for dogs suffering from certain medical conditions. Older, arthritic dogs experience less pain when eating from a feeder that allows them to stand in a comfortable upright position. Dogs suffering from Megaesophagus or other conditions that make swallowing difficult are also great candidates for elevated feeders. The raised bowls position your dog’s head above their stomach, allowing food to pass naturally through the esophagus using gravity as an aid.

Elevated Dog Bowls can even provide a great benefit to owners of dogs with food aggression issues. A bowl on the floor allows a food aggressive dog to place their forelimbs on either side of the bowl and stand over it. A stance that can increase aggression through possessive behavior. Raised feeders force the dog to stand with their body at a pushed back angle, reducing possessive food aggression.

If your dog is a giant breed- Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, Burmese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard, or a barrel chested breed like a German Shepherd, Greyhound or Boxer, it may be in her best interest to eat from a traditional bowl placed on the floor. You should always consult your veterinarian about what steps you can take to avoid bloat if you own any of the above breeds. Remember that any breed of dog can develop bloat if they bolt a large amount of food.

If your dog is food aggressive, suffers from arthritis or a condition that impairs swallowing, an elevated food bowl may provide some relief. The standard recommended height for an elevated feeder should stand at your dog’s lower chest. They should not have to bend their neck downward or upward to eat.

Our selection

We have a full selection of elevated feeders as well as floor level feeders to choose from. Remember these tips when making the decision about what is best for your dog.

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