5 Ways to Combat Your Dog’s Bad Breath

5 Ways to Combat Your Dog’s Bad Breath

puppy-kissing-boothThere are very few things that are worse than bad dog breath, and if you haven’t been taking care of your doggy’s teeth, you’ll know the next time they try to give you a sloppy kiss. The main cause of awful smelling breath is poor teeth and gum health. Here are 5 easy ways to combat your dog’s bad breath and get their mouth smelling fresh again.

Give your dog a bone!

Chewing is a natural cleanser of plaque and bacteria in your dog’s mouth. This is because it produces saliva which naturally removes odor causing agents and it removes plaque from their teeth. Make sure that the bone isn’t too hard for your pup, or too small. Chipped teeth cause issues and you don’t want them to swallow anything they could possibly choke on.

Add chopped up parsley to your dog’s food.

The benefits of parsley will make you think “why didn’t I do this sooner?” First off, parsley is a natural breath freshener (this is true for humans too) because it has Chlorophyll, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which kills and prevents bacteria in the mouth. Parsley not only helps breath, but it also helps enhance the function of organs and studies show also help prevent cancer. Just add a few pinches to your pup’s food and they’ll be set!

Keep your dog’s diet clean.

No matter how irresistible those begging eyes can be, avoid giving your dog table scraps and canned food. The best thing for your dog is a natural diet. Switching to natural food works wonders for your dog’s health, and it also freshens breath. Ask your vet which food they recommend.

Clean their feeder often.

Dog bowls can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Our stainless steel liners combat this issue because they are non-porous, so bacteria cannot seep into natural cracks and crevices you find in plastic bowls. Plus, all of our liners lift right out of our designer dog bowls and are dishwasher safe for the easiest cleaning imaginable.

Brush your dog’s teeth.

This seems like an obvious tip, but many people under estimate the importance. Be sure to purchase a pet-friendly toothpaste (the Crest you have in your medicine cabinet is not safe for dogs) and brush their teeth once daily. We recommend having your dogs teeth professionally cleaned as well. It will probably take some practice, but setting up a brushing ritual with your pup will make their breath better and ward of decay.

What other tips do you have for combating bad puppy breath?




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