5 Tips to Master Walking Your Dog

5 Tips to Master Walking Your Dog

It’s Walk Your Dog Month and we couldn’t think of a better way to help celebrate than by sharing expert advice on the subject. Here are 5 helpful tips that will totally transform going for walk with your pup!

Let your dog know that you’re the leader.

Do you ever wonder if you’re walking your dog or are they walking you? To break the habit of being pulled around, start walking in front of your dog. This will take practice at first, but it will let your dog know that you’re the leader and that you’re in control. Also, make it a point for you to go through the door before them. These may seem like subtle details, but they communicate to your pup that you are leading them.

Use a short leash.

The experts always opt for a short leash during a walk. This allows you to have more control of your pup. Having control of your dog during a walk is important to keep them safe but to also guide them.

Let your dog sniff around.

When you take your dog out for walks it’s the only time that they get to explore. When they sniff around they are getting stimulation, which is great for their physical and mental health. Don’t rush the walking process, but allow them to explore their surroundings. Of course, always keep their safety in mind and don’t let them sniff trash, or any leaks.

Make sure that they are properly tagged.

Every time you leave the house with your dog ensure that they’re wearing ID tags. Unfortunately you can’t control everything that happens, and sometimes dogs get lost.

If your dog has a microchip, be sure that the information is up to date. We’ve all heard the stories of dogs being lost for months, or found over a hundred miles away…most of the time those dogs were reunited because of their chip.

Bring treats along with you.

Keeping your dogs attention is tough on a walk. Most dogs are easily distracted, think of the last time your pup saw a squirrel? It can turn into quite the event and end with you losing control of them. To keep this from happening, carry treats with you during a walk. Rewarding your dog for good behavior while walking encourages them to stay near and mind their manners, if you will.

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