3 Reasons You Need Pet Insurance

3 Reasons You Need Pet Insurance

pet-insuranceEvery pet owner knows that having pets means that your days are filled with little surprises. Sometimes these surprises aren’t as great…such as when your dog gets sick. Vet visits can be pricey and bills for an unhealthy pet will add up quickly. Knowing your options when it comes to pet insurance can ease the sting and be beneficial to your pet. Statistically, 1 in 3 pets will need unexpected veterinary visits this year…better safe than sorry perhaps.

Here are three reasons to have pet insurance:

Pets get sick.

Just like humans, pets catch illnesses such as infections and viruses. They can also develop chronic illnesses like diabetes, allergies, and arthritis – to name a few. These things are rarely planned for by pet owners. Pet insurance can help ease some or all of the cost of treating your pet.

Pets get injured.

It doesn’t matter if your pet is clumsy, mischievous, or just plain unlucky – accidents happen at any time. Emergencies like these are quite common and scary. 4 out of  pets will experience a medical emergency in their lifetime. Insurance comes in handy during these times and can literally be a life saver.

Why not?

We have insurance on almost every other thing in our lives. From house, car, life, and health insurance, we make sure that our financial needs will be met in these emergencies. Why exclude your pet?

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